Start working soon for good money
What do I need?
What should I do?

Nearly 7 million people read the newspaper in the Netherlands. The newspaper is delivered at home by newspaper deliverers. This happens early in the morning. Newspaper deliverers are important. The people who deliver newspapers bring the news to people's homes. You can do this work too. You do not need to speak Dutch for this. No experience is necessary either. On Monday to Friday, you deliver the newspaper before 7.00 am. On Saturday you do this before 9.00 am.

Good to know:

  • you can deliver the newspapers by bike, on foot or by car.
  • you choose how many days and what days you work.
  • you can deliver the newspapers alone or together with others. For example with your partner, children or friends.
What will I get?

On average you get € 100,00 per week. How much money you receive depends on how many days you work. It also depends on the size of the neighborhood where you deliver newspapers. The money is deposited into your account every 4 weeks. You also get:

  • a winter and summer bonus up to € 100,- (weeks 1 to 9 and weeks 27 to 35).
  • money by handing over tickets to your delivery addresses on New Year's Eve.
  • promotions with which you can win a discount on groceries or a tablet.
When can I start?

If you apply, you can deliver the newspaper within 4 working days. How can you start?

  • Click directly on 'yes, I want to work' and share your personal information with us.
  • We immediately look at the possibilities in your area.
  • Your application will be processed and we will contact you by telephone.
  • You will then immediately hear whether you can start.
  • The next day you can already earn money and do meaningful work.
My perfect side job
get paid € 100,00 on average per week.
start soon.
great gifts all year round.